Best Study Abroad CRM Specialists 2023

We are proud to be selected among many talented nominees.

Best Study Abroad CRM   <span class="text-orange">Specialists 2023</span>
No Borders, No Limits

Gain complete visibility of all branch offices and sub-agents. No matter what country, time-zone or market they are operating in

 No Borders, <span class="text-orange">No Limits</span>
Spend Less Time on Admin, and More Time on Counselling

Our digital solutions blend structure & automation with human interaction, skyrocketing your service standards

<span class="text-orange">Spend Less Time</span> on Admin, and More Time on Counselling
Automate your Agency & Control the Chaos of Student Recruitment

Designed to make the application process pain-free for agents, students & universities

<span class="text-orange">Automate your Agency & Control the Chaos</span> of Student Recruitment
Student Recruitment Made Smarter

An All-In-One CRM Solution for Student Recruitment Agencies no matter the size

Student Recruitment Made  <span class="text-orange">Smarter</span>

Track All Applications, Step-By-Step

Store and track your students applications in real-time. Have complete visibility of every
application, at every step of the application journey.

Unlock The Power of Data

Harness the power of data with our All-In-One Student Recruitment CRM. Gain deeper business insights, make informed decisions, and accelerate your growth.

Designed With Your Business in Mind

Our system allows you to manage your subagent’s pipeline independently of your own, giving you performance and
forecasting insights. In addition, our student portal allows your students 24 hour access to their application status.

Sub-Agent Online Portal

A dedicated portal for your sub-agents to manage contracts, agreements and track their applications, all in one place.

Student Online Portal

Deliver a modern digital experience to prospective students. With the portal, students can actively monitor the progress of applications, see important updates and upload required documentation.

Modern Solutions, for Modern Agencies

Automate your agents and deliver a modern digital customer experience to prospective students
with our comprehensive range of tools & features


Send your students a single link so they can register instantly. Q-Forms can also be embedded in web pages, social media & Email Marketing.

Cloud-Based Document Storage

Make your agency accessible from anywhere, at any time. All data is securely stored and backed up on cloud-based servers.

Student Profiles

All student information stored in one place. Highlighting student summary, application preferences, documentation & contact details.

Remarks & Comms

Never be left in the dark regarding a student application. With remarks you can record all communications with students, so you're always.

Email Campaigns

Revolutionise your email marketing & maximise your customer reach. Send targeted bulk email campaigns in a few easy steps.

50+ Email Templates

Simply use the ready-to-send email templates from our database. Our templates cover every step of the student journey from welcome to enrolment.

Bulk Email Reminders

Send automated email reminders to your offer holders making it easier for you to move them along the student journey.

Relationship Management

Improve your candidate relationship management with students and universities through URM. Track all communications with institutions.

Task Management

Effortlessly streamline your workflow with task management. Create, assign and delegate tasks. Receive reminders for important tasks.

Q- Contacts

Send messages to students through a variety of channels within a couple of clicks.

A Solution For All Agents

We have something for everybody.

Single/dual User

Our CRM is a great way for small agencies to establish themselves. If you're a new business you can establish best practice at inception, equipping yourself with the tools needed to succeed. Whether you’re full time or not, our CRM can be an effective way of managing your operations.

Collaborative Teams

The bigger a business gets, the more complex its processes become. Effectively managing these processes can be a headache. A CRM can be a great way for larger agencies to improve reporting and analytics as well as visibility of various branch offices, employee performance and managing sub-agents.

Everything In-Between

Our platform can be configured however you need to meet your needs and goals so that we can help you reach your full potential. Even if you are managing multiple offices in multiple locations, we’ve got you covered. If you have specific needs, our team will be happy to discuss customisation options

Accessible Roles

SAMS CRM customises user roles and responsibilities based on their authority and designation.


Director Controls

Have total access to all of your data, 24 hours a day allowing you to have complete oversight of your business operations.


Country Manager

Maintain region control whether you have remits over a single or multiple offices


Office Manager

Manage your counsellors, ensuring effective follow up, task allocation and assign specific responsibilities within your branch.



Work on the student journey from lead management, applications through to enrolment. Easy to use whether you prefer face to face or remote.


Account Access & Role

Our access controls allow you to segment your business as you see fit, keeping your team focused on the job.

SAMS CRM powers some of the globe’s top
international student recruitment agents

Why we are better than others

We are confident that our CRM will offer you the best solution to manage your business. We have 20
years experience in the industry, having managed thousands of students through their journey. Our
experience of real world ‘pain points’ has led us to develop a system that works right out of the box.